Some people may not believe in fairytales, but with Kim Alley as my fairy godmother, she is constantly making my dreams come true. Because of Kim, my childhood dream of modeling has become a reality. Kim really has been like a second mother to me. I have known her for a while now and i believe she really has helped me transform. At the beginning , she taught me bits of the modeling world and went with me all the way to New York to meet with agencies. She looks after me and the other girls and guys she works for with an ample amount of care and devotion. She honestly wants what is right for each person and will work to achieve all sorts of goals. She has helped to strengthen me as a young women by teaching me how to survive in the real world. I have learned to turn someone’s criticism into constructive critiquing. With modeling especially, there are many highs and lows and Kim will help you through them all. She has been there for me no matter how rough a time got and always will help me see the bright future. Kim Alley has a passion for her work, her friendships, and her family. She will take your dream and make it your future.
— Sasha Bard (model)
Kim works hard to take her models to the next level. If you have the looks and the determination, she WILL get you there! She set up appointments for me with all the top agencies in NYC and I was able to land a contract with a great agency. She maintains amazing contacts with influential people in the NY modeling industry and is happy to share them with the models she takes on board. I went from never considering leaving VA to booking jobs in NYC in just a few months, all thanks to Kim! Forget Tyra Banks; if you want to be on top just call Kim!
— Taya Bairidge (Model)
Kim is open and honest and always has Erin’s best interest in mind. She’s taken the time to learn more about Erin as a person and has worked with us to make sure Erin’s modeling pursuits fit into her personal goals. Because she is so highly regarded in the modeling industry and has contacts at all the reputable agencies (Ford, Elite and others), she was able to offer great opportunities for Erin very quickly. She also didn’t charge us any fees for her efforts or recommend spending money on unnecessary pictures or other expenses. She’s been a great supporter and friend to our family.
— Mrs. Meagher (Erin's Mom)
Kim Alley has been the one thing in the modeling industry that I know and trust. She has been absolutely wonderful for my daughter Megan. Megan was 13 when she first met Kim and Kim has never stopped working for her. She sent Megan’s pictures out to every agency and worked with Megan on what she needed to do. Kim knows everyone there is to know in New York and if she does not know them, well then they are probably not worth knowing! She went with us to the appointments with 6 of the top agencies and really guided Megan to what would be best for her. Because of Kim – Megan, now only 15, is signed in New York and Kim still is in close contact and checks in on a regular basis to make sure that Megan is doing well and likes everything. I honestly can’t say enough for what she has done for my daughter and for me as a mother of a teenager – Kim really helped me with the transition of my daughter going to New York to live for a month – I can’t tell you how comforting she was and helped with every part of the transition. Megan would not be where she is right now with out Kim – she is the best!
— Beth Doggett (Megan’s Mom)
I would love to say that I owe you so much for where i am today. You gave me that extra push to loose the weight, you got interviews for me in NYC, and you helped me get signed in NYC – Without you i dont think i would be where i am today. Thank you so much Kim. You mean so much to me and i appreciate everything you do for me. Thank you Kim.
— Megan Doggett (model)
I have known Kim Alley for over 20 years both personally and professionally,having worked with her as management for my daughter over the last 3 years. Kim is a hard working, honest, knowledgeable and genuine individual who looks out for the welfare of her models and makes sure that they are placed in reputable, stable, top-notch agencies that can advance their careers as well as guide them in the right direction. She has always taken great care with my daughter and treated her as if she were her own. Sasha and I trust Kim’s advice and counsel in all matters related to modeling and she has helped her every step of the way. Sasha is now signed in New York and is on her way to a wonderful career – Thanks to Kim!
— Julia Bard (Sasha’s Mom)